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Best 5 Wedding Postponement Template

Lots of plans and events are forced to be postponed due to this COVID-19 pandemic, especially weddings. 

Couples that acted fast had done informing all the vendors and guests through phone calls, emails and etc, after all the rush, are you considering to send the news more officially? You may want to post out cards or even digital copies of them just like how you send out your invitation cards! 

Here we have prepared a few ‘Change The Date’ card templates which may suits your wedding theme: 

1. The Sandy Hawaii Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is quite a new and extraordinary style for the couples. Imagine the bright sun, blue sky, clear sea and all your favourite people giving their blessing to the couple. What an amazing scene! 

Beach wedding

2. The Traditional and Elegant Way

The most signature symbol connecting both bride and groom, simple yet elegant design. It is in mandarin, so need not to worry about the elderly who cannot understand English!

3. The Fresh Flowery Garden Style

With refreshing mint colour and a wreath for the name of bride and groom, of course there is a warm and lovely garden style wedding on the way!

4. The Golden Glittery ‘Atas’ Style

Look at the Glitters and the Ring! This golden bling bling style will surely amaze all the guests and let them imagine how glamorous it will be on your coming big day!

Cream Tropical Beach Destination Wedding Invitation (2)

5. The Classic Vine Letter Design

Letters queuing neatly with simple and minimal decorations, suits to all types of weddings with any theme! Comfortable-reading to those perfectionists too! 

Classic Wedding

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