Tagbooth Instagram Print Booth brings you memorable copy through stylish and handy design.
Your guests can now snap a picture anywhere, upload to instagram, add specific hashtag at caption, and voila!
Collect your print out at our booth! 

It’s a great idea to have a Instagram Hashtag Print Service at weddings, roadshows, product launching event, annual dinner and all kind of events. Guests happily sharing photos through social media and even receive a photo print out for memories!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Snap a picture using Instagram
  2. Hashtag the event unique #hashtag at the caption under the photo
  3. Share the picture online
  4. Pick it up from the Tagbooth print station – Instant Enjoyment

Corporate/ Brand Marketing Benefits:

  • User engagement using your brand’s social networks
  • Increased brand exposure on social networks
  • Unique personalized physical Instagram® prints with your brand
  • Instant enjoyment to guests