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First Time Planning a Party?

If you have organised a party before, you’ll know it isn’t
easy to organize one. Especially when things gets boring and you are scrambling
for fresh ideas.


Let us help you catch your breath with a few easy tips and
tricks to entertain your guest. Soon you’ll be the talk of the town.

1. Everybody loves a good o’ classic photobooth and/or photobox

Unleash your inner model and let it fly! Step right up to our Signature Photobooth or Ultimate Photobox and let our professional and friendly crew take care of the rest for you.

Event: Deloitte
Location: Aloft, KL
Description: Customizable layout design with a wide range of options. Choose a 
layout selection from Strip (2″x 6″), Pocket Size (3”x4”) and 4R (4″x6″) Portrait or Landscape. Unleash your inner Picasso and let us know how you’d like it. If you can think it, we can do it!

Great for:
Annual Dinner
Prom Night

2. How about something new?

People tends to get attracted to new things like moth to flame so why not give it to them?

Wow your guests with a greenscreen photobooth and watch them get amazed as they are transported to somewhere different.

Event: China Construction Xmas Party
Location: Wisma Selangor
Description: Multiple choices of Christmas themed scenes to choose from. Let your guests get creative with the props and poses and enjoy getting magically transported to new places.

Great for:

Around the World Themed Parties & Events
Corporate Events
Sports Theme
Movie or Super Hero Themed
Holiday Festivities

3. Make them feel exclusive and special

If that doesn’t step up the wow factor, the next one guarantee will! Introducing the UV Glowbooth. Get your guests to turn up in white or neon colours. Grab a friend and some props and go cray-cray. We bet the hype will last with your guests for at least a week!

Event: CHUBB Luncheon
Location: Wisma CHUBB
Description: A little black room out fitted with UV lamp lights to bring out that special glow in you. Encourage your guest to wear white and neon colours to stand out. But don’t worry if you plan on being low-key cool. We also provide props that pops. Who says dancing in the dark can’t be fun?


Great for:
Glow Themed Parties & Events
Neon Themed Parties & Events
Night Marathons
Prom Nights
Product Launching / Brand Marketing Event

4. Give it a theme

If you can’t get them to try something new, how about getting them on board with a fun filled theme? Get people excited about dressing up and one up each other. Fire up the competitive spirit and make it as realistic as possible.

Event: Shell Annual Dinner
Location: Shangri La Hotel, KL
Description: The theme was medieval and it got people excited to dress up as knights, maids, jesters, even kings and queens! There’s plenty of damsel in need of their knight to rescue them off their feet.


Great for:
Corporate Events
Annual Dinners
Prom Nights

5. Offer some activities (Flower bar)

Don’t leave your guests waiting and bore them out. Give them something special to do! A flower bar is a great way to simultaneously impress your guests and keep them busy. Not to mention the big bonus of bringing home your very own masterpiece.

Great for:
Baby Showers
Mother’s Day Events
Bachelorette or Bridal Shower Parties
Wedding Reception
Product Launching


Four easy steps to enjoy a fresh bouquet of flowers that is sure to be a hit with ladies and gents alike. Don’t worry if you have butter fingers. We have friendly assistance on site to wrap things up and leave no loose ends. And last but not least…..

6. Leave it to the PROFESSIONALS

Save yourself from a massive headache and leave it to TAGBOOTH Photobooth, the professional fun makers. From photobooths, photographers, videographers to flowers and decors. We provide a wide range of services that is both creative and entertaining.


Check us out at
Contact us TODAY to reserve our service!

Kuala Lumpur : Yun Chen 017 6233 653
Johor Bahru : KC Lim 012 885 0915
Penang : Hwa Ping 016 609 369

ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL

<小贴士> 天后宫婚姻注册须知!


在这里还感受着浓浓的华人文化气息, 还有神民们的保佑!

那天后宫婚姻注册需要准备什么? 需要带什么? 好日子需要预约吗?
让阿编告诉你 婚姻注册 


文件 Document
📌新人双方身份证/大马卡(MyKad各正本和副本一份(A4 Size)
📌新人双方各报生纸副本一份(A4 Size)
📌新人双方个人照片各一张(Passport Size)
📌 如有离婚者须准备由国家登记局发出婚姻撤销证明函件正本和副本。
证婚人必须是马来西亚公民,年满 21 岁。
宣誓 + JPN审核盖章
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
📌申请表格经 JPN 审核盖章,一切无误后,方可依所选吉日进行注册。
只能在工作日(Weekdays)进行宣誓及 JPN 审核盖章。
📌注册日期 是从申请日期算起,至少 7 天后,但不能超过 6 个月
ROM Photo @ Thean Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thean Hou KL
📌新人、证婚人及观礼者需衣着整齐得体, 不得穿 T 恤/牛仔裤/短裤/拖鞋等等。
📌注册进行时,在场者必须把手提电话调制静音, 以免干扰注册进行。
星期一至四 RM130,五至日 RM150。Special Date & 特假 是RM200
完成了注册 不要急着走人!
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thean Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thean Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
ROM Photo @ Thien Hou KL
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