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5 Photobooth Tips for Bride & Groom

Photobooths have become a popular item to have at your wedding, it’s simply amazing! Here, let me present you some tips to help make your photo booth as memorable as possible, and of course make your money worthwhile!

As a best photobooth service provider in town, we work with our clients to ensure their wedding as memorable as possible. And on behalf of our client, we ensure that their guests have the best experience possible.

TIPS 1: Allocation of the Photobooth
Put the booth in a high traffic area. Right in front of ballroom entrance, next to registration counter, or inside the venue if space allowed. It won’t get much use if it’s out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind

Wedding Photobooth @ Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur

TIPS 2: Welcome your guests at Photobooth

Stand right at the photobooth and welcome your guests with a hand shake or hug & continue with a photo with them! They are more than happy to have a memorable pieces printed out on your big day! Don’t forget to stop and take some photos for yourself, have some fun, these are guaranteed to be some of your favorite pictures from the day.

Wedding Photobooth @ Nexus Connexion
Harry Potter Theme Photobooth @ Nexus Connexion Bangsar
Wedding Photobooth @ Chuai Heng Banquet Hall

TIPS 3: Know your best angle
Test shot before photo booth starts. Communicate with the photographer on how to pose, hide some flaws / fats that you always concern, as you want to ensure the photos capture perfectly.

Wedding Photobooth @ Grand Hyatt KL

TIPS 4: Make announcement on Photobooth Timing
Have your Emcee or DJ or a member of the wedding party make an announcement reminding people that the photobooth is open. Remind your guests on last call timing while they enjoying their food.

TIPS 5: Choose the right Photobooth Vendor
Make sure to get a quality photobooth from a quality vendor with a good reputation. Not all photobooths are created equally. Anybody can own a camera no matter high or low performance. But a quality photo booth rental company will let you stress free on your big day and more importantly a friendly, knowledgeable attendant who knows how to encourage guests to take great photos! As with any other product or service, you get what you pay for. Photobooths are no exception.

If you’ve booked your photobooth service, feel free to go through again above tips to maximize photobooth experience on your wedding day!

If you haven’t, BOOK yours now with Tagbooth Photobooth! Leave your guests with an impression that will last a lifetime, and a unique keepsake of your special occasion.

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中与西的合拼 – 唯美蒂芙尼天堂PhotoBooth背景@大港城酒家 Jaya33

今天TagBooth Photo Booth 來到了Jaya33里的大港城酒家大港城酒家所處位置其實相當方便,搭乘LRT Asia Jaya站,步行5-10分鐘即可抵達。而如果是自己开车的宾客亲戚朋友们也不必担心,因為Jaya33本身就有几层的停车场(收费)供大家停车用。
这次TagBooth Photo Booth 设置的地点位于酒家接待处旁边,宾客们从电梯出来后立刻可以见到我们设立的拍照厅。虽然是在外面,可是胜在地点够宽敞,宾客们可以一边享用酒家准备的鸡尾酒与小食,一边在拍照厅拍照留念。







,讓每個賓客都能夠清楚看見新人們的進場,讓整體環境氣氛更加提升,除此之外,在宴會廳的正前方還有個小舞台,而且酒家内没有太多的柱子遮挡视线,讓每位賓客都可以看见台上的新人的互动以及出嫁幻灯片(Actual Day SlideShow) 。




這次的新人WenSun & Ethan选择了我们的高雅蒂芙尼天堂背景,希望在这东方气息之间打造一場既高雅,又可愛歡樂的婚禮,所以我们准备了一系列的道具,让大家能够尽兴的拍照。滿滿有趣又可愛的道具在TagBooth Photo Booth, 让一家大小,亲朋好友们一起沈浸在开心的氣氛當中。

在婚礼开始前的一个小时,宾客们已经在Tagbooth Photo Booth玩得相當开心,歡樂無限的任拍任意冲洗,交換著不同的道具与头饰、不同的動作与表情,讓照片更显的珍贵。难得的是后来新人们也一起加入拍照的列车,让宾客们都纷纷排队与一对新人合照!

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大港城Oriental Pavilion, Jaya33, Petaling Jaya

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