Lafarge Long Service Awards Presentation

Lafarge Malaysia Long Service Awards 2015
Date: 15 April 2016 (Friday)
Venue: The Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel

A company’s success doesn’t depend on the management alone, in fact, large percentage of the factors credited to the success of a company are linked to the workforce employees! Tagbooth Photobooth is glad to be part of Lafarge Long Service Awards Presentation. It allows their employees to seat down, enjoy a sumptuous dinner and present awards to who have dedicated years of service working with Lafarge! Such employees are like the cogs in the wheels of organizations, without them, the organizations might never been that success.

Photo booth is always a must for awards presentation night! All the awards recipients have the chance to take photos with their beloved family and colleagues and even bosses that might be rare and receive a photo print instantly! Sometimes for awards presentations, awardees have to wait for weeks to receive their photos and there’s another step to print it out at photo studio! Tagbooth Photobooth is glad to see awardees receives photos with wide smiles and share the joyful moment with their family members!

Lafarge Awards Presentation
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Hari Raya Open House

Celebrate Hari Raya Open House with Tagbooth Photo Booth

Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on 6th July 2016 (Wednesday) this year!

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a major occasion in the Islamic calendar. It marks the end of Ramadhan and the beginning of Syawal! It is celebrated for 30 days where lots of Open House (locally known as Rumah Terbuka)  & “Makan-makan” session throughout!

Hari Raya Open House

Hari Raya Open House always held to enhance relationships between families, relatives and friends with the existing and the new ones. While for Company Corporate Open House, it held to enhance relationships between colleagues, minimize the gap between upper level and lower level. Clients, Customers and Suppliers are also welcome to the Open House as an appreciation for their supports throughout the year!  It’s always great to see different religious and ethnic come together to join the celebration.

Hari Raya Open House

Hari Raya Open House

Hari Raya Open House incurs a lot of preparation where you want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves! One of the MUST invest entertainment on Hari Raya Open House is non-other than Tagbooth Photo Booth!

Hari Raya Open House
There are a few reasons why you should hire a Photo Booth for Company’s Raya Open House:

  1. Your guests will love it!

Photo booth keeps everyone entertained throughout the entire celebration, they don’t get exhaust, needing a break or run out of repertoire. It brings excitement to all your guests no matter what age or background, they just can’t get enough of them especially during Hari Raya Celebration especially everyone dressed up their best to participate!


  1. Rare Photo Opportunity

In corporate world, it’s always about sales and business. Most of the time, no photos are initiate between sales person, clients and suppliers. Even if yes, it might be in a serious mood. With photo booth in Hari Raya Open House, it creates a great opportunity to see the other side of your guests with the help of funky and interactive props!

  1. Marketing Opportunity

Photo Booth during Hari Raya Open House can also increase brand exposure and enhance brand image of your company. Customized layout with your company name and logo that will be printed on each photo remind your guest about you and your company for a long time in the future!

Hari Raya Open House

Hari Raya Photobooth

Hari Raya & Festive CelebrationsPhoto Booth Malaysia

So what are you waiting for? Book your quality photo booth NOW with affordable price before slots got filled up! This will be the best investment for Hari Raya Open House Celebration.

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30 Tips for Planning the Perfect Prom

Prom Night Phtoobooth
There’s a lot of work to be done and encounter lots of stress as it might be the first time for the committee members in organizing this. Because of this, here’s some tips and guide line that might help you in organizing a close to perfect prom night and make your prom a truly wonderful night to remember.

Prom night is one of the most memorable nights for high school, college and university student. A whimsical climax that they have awaited for months with exciting discussion from dress code to activities. It’s a fantastic night surrounded by friends, good food and amazing entertainment, committee member play a huge role it making this happen!

Before Prom

  1. Gather your planning committee– One person and no team does not make a prom work. This is a team effort. You might find this useful to recruit volunteers.
  2. Save the date– When picking the date for prom, consult friends from other schools. Also to check out preferred venue availability.
  3. Pick the perfect theme– Glow in the dark, futuristic or a romantic glitz and glamour theme – ideas are endless. Let the students vote on their preferred theme after committee narrows down the ideas to let them feels involved.
  4. Organize sub-committees– Break out into smaller groups early to determine needs and costs in each area. Sub-committee ideas: Budget, Fundraising, Logistics, Decorating, Catering, Entertainment, Tickets and Invitations.
  5. Set a budget– It’s not the fun part, but so necessary! You must set a reasonable budget and stick to it. Your fundraising team will only able to set their target and keep it up.
  6. Fundraising– From typical fundraisers like car washes and bake sales to more unique ideas like a bazaar, mini games that required to pay a small amount of money and have the chance to win prizes.
  7. Solicit sponsors– Decide which local businesses may benefit the most from sponsoring your prom and write them a proposal or sponsorship letter.
  8. Location, location, location– Possibly the most important element of planning prom is finding and securing the venue so start as soon as possible.
  9. Invite your guests– Paper invitations or invite guests digitally through facebook event or other digital medium that can help track RSVPs so you can get an idea of how many guests to plan for.
  10. Get your groove on – Band or DJ? Audition your entertainment options and once you find the perfect match, book it! Don’t let your number one choice get away.
  11. Say cheese– Sure, there will be lots of rockin’ #selfies at prom, but you want to make sure you hire a professional photographer to capture the night too. You may contact Tagbooth for their professional photographer. Don’t have a big budget? Get a committee that is good in photography– you might get lucky.
  12. Photobooth– To capture classic prom pose and receive an instant printing that can place in your purse or noteboard that can remind you of this memorable night!
    Image from Google

    Image from Google

    You can either to hire an open or enclosed photo booth services from Tagbooth Photobooth. Benefit of enclosed photo booth is that students can pose privately and go extreme. Funny hats, glasses and prom props prepared will definitely let students go wild!

    Classy Private Enclosed Photo Booth by Tagbooth

    Classy Private Enclosed Photo Booth by Tagbooth

12227804_1011812192217229_883108978645072823_n 12235124_1011816652216783_603632379393493927_n 12243049_1011811535550628_8118534762422197617_n

Tagbooth Photobooth offers an affordable rate for prom night as we believe photo is a best way to throw you back to your youth life!  Contact us NOW for Prom Night Discount! Visit or contact Kim 012 231 0613 for more information.

  1. #Prom– Create a unique prom hashtag, and then get everyone to use it for posting anything prom related on social media. By the time prom is over you will have a virtual scrapbook of the whole event from planning to PARTY! With a smaller budget, you might consider to set up Tagbooth Instagram Photo Printing Station at your prom! #AwesomeProm
    Tagbooth Photo Booth

    Tagbooth Instagram Hashtag Printing Service

  1. Chaperones– Sorry kids, chaperones are a must.
  2. Party favors– Everyone loves goodie bag. Plan to send guests home with a little something to memorialize the evening.
  3. Traditions – Will you be upholding certain year-to-year school traditions, or be starting new ones? Maybe the seniors all wear white or dance to a certain song?
  4. Tickets – Even the best fundraising team will appreciate the assistance of ticket sales to meet budget goals.
  5. Prom Rules– Make sure your prom rules are clear and upfront. You may set regulations for attire (no sneakers!), a refund policy, require ID, set a “no late entry” rule, etc.
  6. What’s on the menu – Whether you plan to serve a full dinner or just appetizers and desserts, you will have to consider budget and dietary restrictions. Set an RSVP deadline that coordinates with when you need to give a head count number to the caterer.

Prom Night

  1. Set Up– On the big day, it is all hands on deck. Organize your volunteers and assign tasks and most importantly Medical Team. Yes, this takes a little pre-planning, but it will be worth it on prom night.
  2. Bring your checklist– You’ve planned and planned. Don’t assume you will remember everything. Make checklists and bring them with you. Also bring a list of important phone numbers so you can get in touch with anyone you might need to last minute.
  3. Make an announcement– Once everyone gets settled, take five minutes to make a few announcements. Thank your committee, point out extra special touches, remind everyone to use your hashtag (see tip #13), etc.
    23. Coronation – The votes have been tallied and now you have the honour of bestowing a crown upon the king and queen. Make sure it is a regal affair and plan for the crowning to take place about half way through prom – so the king and queen can enjoy their moment.
    24. Have fun – This is probably the most important tip of all. You’ve worked your tail off to make it a special night for all. Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Relax and soak it all in; it will be over in an instant.

After Prom

  1. Clean up– When the party is over, there is still work to be done. You are going to need your best recruits so clean up is as painless as possible.
  2. Post-prom party – The party isn’t over! There is always a lot of talk about what to do after prom. To keep the student body safe, assign a committee to keep the party going all night long – safely.
  3. Leave a roadmap – Prom is over for you, but next year the planning process will start all over again with a new class. Pass on notes about what worked and what didn’t so they too can have the prom of their dreams.
  4. Donate that dress – Want to give back? Check for organizations that accept donations to provide dresses to students in need or kids too sick to attend prom!
  5. Memorialize it – Best. Prom. Ever! Remember all of the hard work and funny moments by making a Photobook. You will really appreciate it in 10, 20, 30 years especially with photography and photo booth hired.
  6. R&R – Prom was a success and you deserve a pat on the back. Take a little time to get some rest and relaxation – trip to the spa anyone?

With these tips you will make prom dreams come true. All of the hard work will surely be worth it!
Engage Tagbooth photo booth service NOW to secure availability.

We have done a few prom night for students from high school to university, Sunway University Prom Night, Help University A-Levels Prom 2015, Taylor’s University Scholar’s Annual Dinner and etc.

Prom Night Photo Strip

Prom Night Photo Strip

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Lego Nexo Knights Roadshow | Instagram Hashtag Print Malaysia

Tagbooth is glad to be part of Lego Nexo Knights Roadshow & Launched during the school holiday from 9th March to 20th March 2016 @ Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall.

“Malaysians are crazy about LEGOs. Like Milo, they are literally a staple for Malaysian children. Parents love them because they encourage creativity, while keeping their children busy. Children (and those young at heart) love them because they get to create literally everything they can imagine from simple blocks.” – Rojak Pot

This road show had attracts parents and kid who drop by with intentionally or unintentionally as there are plenty of activities going on all day for the kids, including Lego Block Play Area, Interactive digital game, movie screening and Complimentary Instagram photo printing @ Hashtag Printing Station.

12722420_10153513288181519_513916569_o (1)

To redeem the complimentary photo, what the guests need to do is just upload a photo taken at Lego Nexo Knights Roadshow to Instagram and #LEGONEXOKNIGHTS at the caption. And photo is ready to be collect.


Instagram Photo Printing


Tagbooth Instatag Service encourages the guests to take photos and #hashtag the specific word in caption when they upload it in Instagram. Once photo is received, we will do the printing. This is indeed a very great idea for brand marketing. Guests happily sharing photos through social media and even receive a photo print out for memories, while you benefit from a massive amount of social media exposure for your brand and event.

You can even customize these prints by adding your event name, company name, logo or other promotional graphics to it. Tagbooth Photobooth – Hashtag Printing Service allows everyone at your event to be a photographer and take home a printed souvenir of your event.

Family Portrait at Candy Bar

Evelynn’s 1st Birthday | Princess themed birthday party

Baby’s first birthday party is one of the great celebration with family and friends. This is a perfect time to celebrate the baby’s progress from infant to a one year old, a little personality emerging with an amazing ability to learn.

Tagbooth Photobooth is glad to be part of Baby Evelynn’s 1st Birthday to capture this meaningful moment with lots of blessing from family and friends.

Family Portrait at Candy Bar

Family Portrait at Candy Bar

V Garden Restaurant Setia Alam

V Garden Restaurant Setia Alam



Candy Bar Decorations by Tagbooth Photobooth


Album Display Area


Recharge Energy :D

Recharge Energy 😀


Happy Birthday to you, little princess


So adorable, so precious


Princess of papa & mama

Photobooth, Photography & Candy Bar Decorations by Tagbooth Photobooth

Reasons to have a photo booth for wedding in Malaysia

“Every guest hopes to have fun while attending wedding reception, including newlywed.”

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, unless you’ve done it a few times. Planning process gives you an your groom the opportunity to customised your own unique style and allow guests to have a great memory of that night. One of the trending entertainment in wedding reception is non-other than photo booth. Here are some reasons to have a photo booth for wedding in Malaysia.
1. Keep Guests Entertained
Often, wedding receptions are dry and dull, and the bride and groom don’t even realize it. While the happy couple is busy with their celebration, many times the reception guests are bored. A photo booth keeps everyone entertained, happy and active. It also breaks the ice of your friends and families who haven’t seen each other for a long time. Looking at the instant printing right after photo taken, it gives guests something to laugh about throughout the night. The energy created by the booth will be spreadable, making the whole reception more exciting and memorable for guests and wedding party alike.

Collecting their photos and smile about it.

Collecting their photos and smile about it.

2. Suitable for All Ages
It’s pretty straightforward even for kids or elders, what they need to do is walk in to photo shooting area, and our Professional Photographer will make sure you look fantastic in it. Of course thematic and funky props are available to enhance the whole experience. With the Tagbooth Open-Air Concept Photobooth, guests of all ages will definitely enjoy!

Photo Booth Props enhance experience for all ages

Photo Booth Props enhance experience for all ages

3. Creating Great Memories
Wedding favors or doorgift are a wonderful way for your guests to take home a memory of your special day, but a photograph will be treasured far more than any ornament. By printing copies of your guests’ pictures from the photo booth, you are giving them a one of a kind and personalized gift that will last a lifetime.


Great memories to keep for a lifetime

Great memories to keep for a lifetime


Using a photo booth to create memorable and one of a kind mementos of your special day is one wedding decision you’ll never regret. Kindly visit or contact Kim 012.231.0613 for more details.