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Pose and have fun in your own style!”

Tagbooth Photobox is suitable for all kind of events, especially road shows and shopping mall’s events that require for long hours.   We would also recommend it for youngster events such as prom night, bachelor nights, marathon events and etc. Photo box allow guests to go extreme without interruptions from photographer that making sure you are in well manner. Photobox comes with instant preview system where guests can view and pose up to their creativity within the count of 5..4..3..2..1.. SMILE!

Tagbooth Photobox is available in both open-style and enclosed-style for your preference.

Features of Open-Style Photobox:
Large group shots – squeeze all you can within the frame
Create fun and laughter not only to the guests who is taking photo, also the guests surrounding
Centre of attractions – Attract other guests to join the fun easily!

Features of Enclosed Photobox:
Small group shots up to 5 pax
Privacy – Shots are taken privately without outsider’s disturb especially extreme shots
Diversification – can be use for Green Screen BoothLight painting booth & UV GlowBooth

Open-Style Photobox
Open-Style Photobox
Tagbooth Enclosed Photobox
Tagbooth Enclosed Photobox


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