International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (3)

Pictures are Memories that Last Forever – Ending AIDS Together

“What I like about photographs is that
they capture a moment that’s gone forever,
impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (1)

In conjunction of International Aids Candlelight Memorial, Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society (KLASS) has organized a local candlelight memorial on 21st May, Sunday night at One Utama, Central Park. This event has supported by Johnson-Johnson and Comfort Taxi Malaysia.


International Aids Candlelight Memorial was held every third Sunday of May. On this day, the communities from all around the world will gather together and pay tribute to families, friends and loved ones who have lost their lives to HIV and AIDS-related illnesses.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (3)

Regardless of the age, race, and religion, people from difference places has come and light up the candle in memory of their loved one, and to feel more connected to those who are no longer with their on Earth due to AIDS. Tagbooth Photobooth are grateful to be able to join this commemoration day with all friends and families who suffer from HIV and AIDS-related illnesses.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (4)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (5)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (6)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (7)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (8)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2017 (9)

“Ending AIDS Together”

For more information:
Malaysian AIDS Council
An International AIDS Memorial Day 2017 Message

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Event photo booth idea

Timeout Thursday with EY and Photobooth! Check it out!

A rest is a preparatory step for a longer journey ahead.

Why not refresh yourself after peak season with cakes and ice-cream (tarts and burger too!).

Event photo booth idea

Picture from michleong26’s Instagram

EY A2T2 (2)

Located at Damansara City Mall, Center Space

EY (Ernst & Young) is one of the largest Accounting Firm in worldwide. Yesterday was their annual “rest” day (EY Annual Assurances Timeout Thursday) after months of working late nights and weekends. Other than food and beverages, having a photo booth is definitely one of your best choice of entertainment!

EY A2T2 (3)EY A2T2 (4)EY A2T2 (5)EY A2T2 (6)EY A2T2 (7)

Other than the normal photo booth, they also engaged our Instagram Printing Service too! One of the advantages of having a Instagram Hashtag Printing is: you don’t have to queue to take a photo! All you need to do is take photos anywhere you like around the venue, upload it to your Instagram account with a specific hashtag. After that, you just need to collect your photos from us! Of cause, make sure your profile is public if you wanna print it out.

EY A2T2 (8)
EY A2T2 (9)

View more photos from Instagram hashtag #2017EYa2t2

Event photo booth idea

View more photos from Instagram hashtag #2017EYa2t2

EY A2T2 (11)

View more photos from Instagram hashtag #2017EYa2t2

Event photo booth idea

Print out! Just as simple as that!

Event photo booth idea

Everyone had a memorable and fun moment with their colleague! You can have it too. Contact us to know more information about Instagram Hashtag Print Services.

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Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (8)

Checklist for Hari Raya OpenHouse – Jom Raya dengan Tagbooth Photobooth!

Mark your calendar! Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on 25th June (Sunday) this year.

Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (1)

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a festival full of forgiveness and enhancement of the relationship with friends and family, meanwhile remembering the suffer that faced by others that less fortunate.

Pictures from, 2015

Pictures from, 2015

After a month of fasting, it is time for a joyful celebration. “Bila balik kampong? (When you going back hometown)” and “Ada rumah terbuka tak? (Do you have open house celebration)” has become the greetings among all the people during the period. Surrounding atmosphere are full with happiness and forgiveness, nevertheless, the Hari Raya song!

“Balik kampung! oh oh oh
Balik kampung! oh oh oh
Balik kampung! Hati girang~”


Below are the suggested checklist if you plan to have an Open House party for all your friends and families!


1) House cleaning – New curtain! New Sofa! New Television!

We always want to give a good impression for all the guests that come to our house. Most importantly to make them feel comfortable like they’re at home! Never forget the candles and ketupat for your Hari Raya home decoration!

Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (3)


2) Food preparation – Lontong, Rendang, Ketupat!

Having delightful and apprizing Malay traditional cuisine always capture the heart of all guests. Never forget the Rendang Ayam that cook by your nanny with her own secret receipt! Satay? Ketupat? Rendang? or Lemang? Lontong? Kuih-muih? Pick your favorite Hari Raya must eat cuisine!!

Pictures from, 2016

Pictures from, 2016


3) Entertainment – Photo Booth!

Having a photo booth can become the highlight of your open house! This is a thing that your guest would not want to miss out during this celebration! Best suited for company annual appreciation dinner! #JomRayaBersama-sama

Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (5) Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (6) Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (7)

Capture the moment with all the friends and relative that came from far away, print out instantly and keep it forever as memories able to enhance the bond with everyone!

Tagbooth Photobooth Hari Raya 2017 (8)

Jom Raya bersama-sama dengan Tagbooth Photobooth!

GIF from, 2013

Book now before it is too late! Visit our website or contact us for more information!

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Grand Straits Garden Wedding



Tagbooth Photobooth 收集了几家新山大收推荐婚礼热门酒楼,如果想在近期与爱人不如红地毯的您,不妨做个参考!

Grand Straits Garden

新湖滨花园在新山有2家(新湖滨花园海鲜 Grand Straits Garden Restaurant,新海湾海滨楼Grand Bayview Restaurant)

1. 新湖滨花园海鲜楼
豪华宴会厅Grand Ballroom可容纳高达1000人,也设有具有浓厚风味的热带雨林露天餐厅Garden。这热带雨林露天餐厅共设有60张大大小小的餐桌。沉浸在这优美的环境、椰树摇曳、海风轻吹,享用美食再配上香醇的红酒,一定让您沉醉其中。
Grand Straits Garden Wedding 新湖滨花园海鲜楼

No3, Jalan Persiaran Danga, Kawasan Danga Bay,
81200 Johor Bahru.
电话 : +607-2388118
Email :
营业时间: Everyday 11:30am to 12.00am

2. 新海湾海滨楼 Grand Bayview Restaurant

Grand Bayview Restaurant Wedding

Danga Bay Convention Centre, Batu 3 1/2, Jalan Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor
电话 : +607-2261688

北京楼 Pekin Restoran

Johor Jaya 1

Photo by

北京楼总共拥有四间分行, 其中五福城北京楼和云华宫最受JBTalks 投票欢迎。

3. 京云华宫(柔佛再也花园)Restoran Daman Pekin
电话:607-354 4775, 354 4770

4. 北京楼柔佛再也(柔佛再也花园)Restorn Pekin Johor Jaya
奢华的装置,气派非凡,可容纳130座。酒席价钱还算公道,每座从RM788起到RM998。johor Jaya Menu
电话:607-356 0739, 607-356 0740
地址:No. 1, Jalan Masai Baru, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru.

5. 五福北京城(五福城花园分行)Restoran Pekin @ Sutera Utama

五福北京城 Pekin Restaurant JB
电话:607-557 3899 , 558 1818

6. 北京海鲜楼(圣淘沙)Restoran Pekin
电话:607-333 2928, 607-332 0902

预定了酒席,当然也不能错过Wedding Photobooth 啦!流动摄影棚让整个婚礼多了几分趣味,让宾客们笑声不断!

Thian Lung & Janice's Wedding - Grand Imperial, Sunway Pinnacle

Thian Lung & Janice’s Wedding – Grand Imperial, Sunway Pinnacle

【好消息】Tagbooth Photobooth – KL 著名的Photobooth 已在柔佛新山开分行啦, 从此不用另外付交通费了!即将走上红地毯的您,快预定吧!



Photobooth KL, Photobooth JB, Photobooth Malaysia

Neon / Glow Themed Party Event Idea – Light Painting Photobooth

Light Painting Photobooth

Having a Glow Themed / Neon Themed / Rave Party or ANY Events needing some special and unique idea?

You might not want to miss out this – our Trending service:
Light Painting Photobooth Rental that brings so much fun and excitement!

Photobooth KL, Photobooth JB, Photobooth Malaysia
Photobooth is meant to be FUN, Creative & Memorable that allow your Imagination Run Free!
Light Painting Photobooth captures when you are moving your light source such as torch light, light Saber. This will create long streaks of light that can take any shape or form. It really gives you a chance to use your imagination and create beautiful images.

Request a quote button-01
What other Neon Party / Glow in the dark Party idea that you can have?

Glow Sticks that can form different accessories!
Neon / Glow in the dark Party event idea
Hang your childhood toy (Neon Spring) from the ceiling!
Glow themed party decorations
Make up with Glow in the dark Paint
You can buy from Craft Heaven, One Utama

Glow in the dark face painting
Create a Message Board with Glow in the dark Marker Pen!
Glow Party Message board idea
Glow Party Supply Malaysia: Party Mart


中与西的合拼 – 唯美蒂芙尼天堂PhotoBooth背景@大港城酒家 Jaya33

今天TagBooth Photo Booth 來到了Jaya33里的大港城酒家大港城酒家所處位置其實相當方便,搭乘LRT Asia Jaya站,步行5-10分鐘即可抵達。而如果是自己开车的宾客亲戚朋友们也不必担心,因為Jaya33本身就有几层的停车场(收费)供大家停车用。
这次TagBooth Photo Booth 设置的地点位于酒家接待处旁边,宾客们从电梯出来后立刻可以见到我们设立的拍照厅。虽然是在外面,可是胜在地点够宽敞,宾客们可以一边享用酒家准备的鸡尾酒与小食,一边在拍照厅拍照留念。







,讓每個賓客都能夠清楚看見新人們的進場,讓整體環境氣氛更加提升,除此之外,在宴會廳的正前方還有個小舞台,而且酒家内没有太多的柱子遮挡视线,讓每位賓客都可以看见台上的新人的互动以及出嫁幻灯片(Actual Day SlideShow) 。




這次的新人WenSun & Ethan选择了我们的高雅蒂芙尼天堂背景,希望在这东方气息之间打造一場既高雅,又可愛歡樂的婚禮,所以我们准备了一系列的道具,让大家能够尽兴的拍照。滿滿有趣又可愛的道具在TagBooth Photo Booth, 让一家大小,亲朋好友们一起沈浸在开心的氣氛當中。

在婚礼开始前的一个小时,宾客们已经在Tagbooth Photo Booth玩得相當开心,歡樂無限的任拍任意冲洗,交換著不同的道具与头饰、不同的動作与表情,讓照片更显的珍贵。难得的是后来新人们也一起加入拍照的列车,让宾客们都纷纷排队与一对新人合照!

20170312_190938_295 20170312_192720_403 20170312_194627_530 20170312_200258_810 20170312_204544_340




大港城Oriental Pavilion, Jaya33, Petaling Jaya

OP Wedding Menu FAOL__v2

Hsuan & Janet Wedding (180)

Animated GIF Photobooth for Wedding

Hsuan & Janet’s Wedding
Date: 12/3/2017
Venue: Shi Wei Fu 食为福 Restaurant, Segamat
Service: Photobox & Instagram Printing
Backdrop Decoration: MovArt Project

Last week, we celebrate another pair of newlyweds walk down the aisle! So much love from the friends and families who came all the way to Segamat to witness it! Hsuan is Taiwanese while Janet is from Segamat, Malaysia.

With the Best Reviewed Photobooth Service in Malaysia, Tagbooth Photobooth became a highlight entertainment of that night! All the guests were having so much fun taking photo anywhere anytime with our Instagram Hashtag Print Service! With the hashtag #hsuanjanet in instagram, the bride and groom can easily enjoy the photos taken by their friend!

Besides, Tagbooth Photobox  was placed in front of the nicely decorated photowall for guests to have lots of great memories! GIF Photos were also being shared to Email & Facebook instantly!

Look how much fun all the guests had!

出席朋友婚礼 结果在现场拍了这么美的照片! #hsuanjanet

A post shared by Kenny Tong 肯肯 (@sinken93) on

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Tagbooth Johor

Tagbooth Photobooth is now available in Johor Bahru

Tagbooth Johor

Due to overwhelming respond, Tagbooth Photobooth decided spread this good news to JB-ians!
We are now available in Johor Bahru without transportation charges!

Photobooths are a great way to liven up any party. With props and fun gear to wear, all your guests will come home with pictures that night representing all the fun they had at your special event.

Not only photobooth spice up the excitement of your party, create memorable gifts for your guests to take home, and are easy to have at your event, they also take a great deal of work off your hands with having to entertain your guests for all hours of the night!

Looking for brand new idea for your/client’s event?
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– Bridal Shower
– Birthday Party
– Corporate Events
– Product Launching
– Roadshow Activation
– Anniversary Dinner
– Annual Dinner
– Family Day

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KC Lim (016 294 5912)

Valentine's Photobooth

Valentine’s Day Brand Marketing Idea

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate most important relationships in your life! Lovers celebrated Valentines expressing their love towards each other. On this day, couple will be exchanging gifts, a candle light dinner or just as simple as spend time together.

This Valentine’s, Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur decided to have Photobooth for couples, family and friends to grab a memorable photo. With the photo print out, they can display their photo on their office table, hang it up at bedroom, stick it on notebook to commemorate this special day each year!

Quill City Mall had also organized a photo contest for shoppers who spend minimum of RM88 in a single receipt. After taking photo with Tagbooth Photobooth, photo will be uploaded to Quill City’s Facebook Page instantly. Share your photo from Quill City Mall Facebook page to win prizes!

Valentine's Photobooth
How do Tagbooth Photobooth help increasing brand awareness:
– Customize layout on photo
– Customize wrapping for photobox
– Social sharing function to reach more audience
– Collecting database for future promotion notification

Contact us NOW for more Marketing Idea with Tagbooth Photobooth!
Unleashed your creativity and amaze your guests!

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