FREE Wedding Photobooth UP FOR GRAB!

Is your wedding between September to December? Is your wedding gonna held in #PENANG? Do not missed out this opportunity! Win yourself a #FREE Photobooth to freeze this once a lifetime memory! In conjunction with Tagbooth Penang Grand Opening, we are giving away a 3 HOURS Wedding Photobooth Service worth RM2400! What’s more? All participants[…]

柔佛新山婚礼 绝对不能错过!

若干年后,可以与你携手坐在摇椅上,翻开相簿回忆从前,那是多么幸福的事! Tagbooth Photobooth 从2015年创立,也在2017年开启新山分行。至今,提供顾客高素质的即拍即印服务。除了婚礼摄影师常跟着新人们拍摄之外,Photobooth 的特点在于为您和您的宾客吧最珍贵的照片即时带回家留念! 在Johor柔佛新山创立一年来,让大家在婚礼当中有更多的道具选择拍照,提供更多欢乐,同時也帶走這些美好的回憶。   Signature Photobooth with GIF: Lauren & Serlyn’s Wedding Loon Sing Restaurant, Bukit Indah, Johor                 Orion & Vera’s Wedding, Straits View Hotel Jackson & Carol’s Wedding, 北京云华宫 Andy & Claire’s Wedding, Grand Straits Garden Seafood, Danga Bay What’s a Party without[…]

Portrait Photobooth – MONTT Restaurant & Bar Grand Opening

A grand opening is a very exciting time for a new business. After all the effort setting it up, this is the time to invite your friends, families, business partners and investors to have a good time celebrating it! Tagbooth Photobooth honored to be part of MONTT  Restaurant & Bar Grand Opening to provide Portrait[…]

Top 10 Best Wedding Venues in Penang

From unique architectures enriched by the fusion of cultures from the East and West to beautiful coastal view that will leave you in awe, Penang is not only the perfect destination for an exotic holiday, it is also ‘the place’ to vow your eternal love. TagBooth Photobooth Penang has compiled a list of 10 unique[…]

Tagbooth Photobooth Penang Opening Promotion!!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen🙋To celebrate Tagbooth Photobooth Grand opening in the beautiful state of Penang, Tagbooth Photobooth Penang has come to you with a GREAT DEAL! ❤ For any weddings or events that is happening in these 3 MONTHS shall receive some generous DISCOUNTS from us! 🎊🎉 No matter you are in Batu Ferringhi, Georgetown, Tanjung Bungah,[…]

Raya themed Photobooth

Fun Ideas for Hari Raya Celebrations / Open House

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrate by the Muslim community in Malaysia and all over the world, or also known as Hari Raya Puasa, to conclude the Ramadan holy month of fasting. During the month of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, our Muslim brothers and sisters will merry the celebrations by having Open House or Rumah Terbuka to[…]

It’s More than Just Photography

A groom once asked me, “What’s the deal with all these photo booths anyway?”. “It gives your love ones a piece of a happy memory that they can bring home.”, I said. People often hire photographers to capture moments in their events, because of that they felt that there isn’t any reason to hire an[…]

The ULTIMATE Photo Booth Posing Guide

As photo booth service providers, we’ve encountered numerous double chins, wide upper body and awkward faces throughout the years. That is why we have come up with 6 Ultimate Posing Tips that will make you instantly look 10 times better in our high resolution instant-printing photos! Some self-promo right there! *wink wink* RULE #1: ELONGATE[…]

Oscar Themed Annual Gala Dinner at Majestic Hotel KL

Last Saturday, Tagbooth Photobooth is glad to be part of TA Global Group Gala Dinner 2017 at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Autograph Collection! It was a greatest #OSCARNIGHT for TA Group Staff. It’s a night where employer rewards staff with a good seat down dinner, lucky draws, entertainment and of course a night of huge gathering from all departments. Employees get[…]

Tagbooth Love Slider – Display Live Instagram Slideshow at your Wedding or Event

Photobooth has become a MUST for a Wedding! Besides creating lots of precious memory, photobooth has become a love-filled entertainment for guests while waiting for wedding to start. Besides Photobooth, what other fun & interactive element that can keep your guests entertained? Introduce to you Tagbooth Love Slider! What is Tagbooth Love Slider? Tagbooth Love[…]